Current Research:

I am interested in the formation and maintenance of nationhood and claims of national identity on the part of the nation – when does the nation claim a human/nonhuman inhabitant as its own, and on what terms, and vice versa? I am fascinated by narratives of national identity and how a nation’s inhabitants grapple with identifying themselves, especially in countries that were hastily sutured in the wake of colonialism. What does citizenship look like in the age of the posthuman and how is the narrative of citizenship reconciled with those considered inhuman/non-human? I am particularly fascinated by political subjectivities of the non/in-human via claims of citizenship and belonging. Currently really taken by pigeons and other birds in flight across national borders.

Master’s Capstone Project:

My area of research for my Master’s degree at UBC is in the field of health and rhetoric, when seen especially through the lens of feminism and popular culture. I am investigating the discourse around, and representation of, Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) today, especially when accessed through (medical, and non-medical) literature and digital media.

Other Areas of Research Interest:

Pharmaceutikalization (specifically in the global south)
Rhetoric of health and medicine
Time and Temporality
Political subjectivation and nation state formations
Science and Technology Studies
Postcolonial Theory
Mountaineering literature
That side of YouTube

Conferences and Presentations:

  • (2017). Error Signals: Registering Intimacies and Occlusions of the Female Body Politic. 17th Foucault Circle Annual Conference. Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, U.S. March 23-25.  [Co-presenter Kristi Carey].
  • (2016). #HappytoBleed: The Topographies of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in India. Gender in India Symposium. York University and University of Guelph, Toronto. October 5-6. [Accepted]
  • (2016). The Alleyways of Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. Critical Juncture Conference, Emory University, Atlanta, United States. April 8-9.
  • (2016). No Country for Trans Men: The Radiopacity of PCOS in India. Asian Studies Graduate Conference, University of British Columbia, Canada. March 12.

Scholarships and Awards:

  • Tina and Morris Wagner Foundation Fellowship 2016
  • University of British Columbia Faculty of Arts Graduate Award 2016
  • University of British Columbia Faculty of Arts Graduate Award 2015