1. Co-Founder, Ten O’Clock Tales

Ten O’Clock Tales is a multimodal platform and website intended to provide counter narratives to versions of sexuality in the media. By mobilizing conversations around sex and opening up the field to dissonance through new media and storytelling, we seek to address the lack of such a portal in Canada. Together with co-founder Kaye Hare, PhD candidate at UBC, we are working towards an official launch in May 2017.

2. Writer+Creator, Untitled [Ongoing]
I’m working on a project that aims to reorient the experience of a prose-poem/creative non-fiction piece by approaching it as a visual experience. The searingly brilliant Yemeni artist and researcher, Iman Baobeid and I are collaborating on this. We aim for the project’s release in mid-summer 2017. You can check out her amazing work here.

3. Writer/Creator, The PCOS Series. [Completed]
The PCOS Series is a collection of creative pieces where I take my personal experiences with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), and my academic research on it and funnel them through the lens of famous literary classics like Jane Eyre, Alice in Wonderland, Nancy Drew etc. Each piece is intended to deal with a different aspect of the myriad syndrome. It is envisioned as a project to educate people about the increasingly prevalent condition, but doesn’t take itself too seriously. A 3-part series is published at Firstpost. I intend to continue this, maybe use different genres and formats.

I was featured on Vancouver’s Roundhouse Radio 98.3 FM show “Sense of Place” in early March to talk about the PCOS Series. You can listen to it here.

4. Creator, Dissonance. [Completed].
Dissonance is a small visual project in which I revisit my old published poems and combine them with photographs I’ve scavenged across the years, but especially my time in Vancouver. The title, and credo, for the project comes from the insistence upon dissonance in theme or form of the poem imposed onto the visual image. If the photograph and the poem “don’t really go together”, it’s exactly the point. The second work (of seven), “Dead Saffron” is up on the home page. Previous pieces archived here.